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Finding qualified candidates is more difficult than ever. Additionally, a lot of recruiting firms make grandiose promises but ultimately place the wrong hires in positions, which only adds to your problems. We are excited to introduce you to Euroasia Staff Solutions SRL., a legitimately accredited manpower, recruiting, and placement agency registered with the Romanian government under C.U.I. RO 46036010.

Euroasia has devoted all of its resources to talent assessment and vetting in order to ensure that all of our clients get the right hire for the right job. We take pride in using a tried-and-true method of professionalized recruiting and skills migration to provide competent, skilled, and well-trained individuals to Romanian established companies, principals, or employers for offshore job placement.

As a specialized staffing company serving in many sectors, we wanted to get in touch with you to learn more about your organization’s hiring and staffing requirements. We are aware that the current job market has made it challenging for many businesses in your niche to find qualified hires. Because of this, we have been making significant investments in our talent pipeline. As a result, we currently have many talents on our books, vetted and screened by industry professionals who are prepared to begin to provide the workforce to your organisation.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka


Our mission is to provide our clients with candidates who precisely match their requirements in order to fulfill the purpose of offering a dependable recruiting service.


To establish a reputation as the top organization in Romania offering recruitment services, complete with the greatest talent assessment methods and candidates.

Our process

Our applicants go through an extensive vetting process to make sure the talents that we provide you are the best for the job. We do not just slap a candidate for your vacancies, we make sure its the right person for the right job.





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Whether you are a Romanian company looking to hire skilled employees or you are an employee looking to migrate to Romania from Sri Lanka, get in touch with us. We guarantee to provide you with the best service.